Luke Rockhold almost made it look easy tonight in the main event of UFC On FOX 15 as he rocked Lyoto Machida with ground and pound in the opening round and then capitalized on his still seemingly dazed opponent in the second with a rear-naked choke submission.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Machida with the first flurry of punches in the fight, though nothing lands with any real substance.

Leg kick from Machida and one in return from Rockhold. Machida circling now. Leg kick and a solid connection on a punch there and just sciffs on a follow-up. Machida landing again with punches.

Rockhold appears to tag Machida and he looks dazed as a result of it. Rockhold down into a guillotine attempt. Will this fight be over early…no Machida survives and is now on his back and works to full guard.

Rockhold postures up and Machida tries to upkick. Rockhold back down and Machida is turtled up and then stands. Rockhold drags him back down though and has his back. Machida rolls and gets back to his guard. Rockhold over him and Machida again trying to stand close to the cage. He gets up partially, but keeps a hand down. Rockhold takes his leg out from under him to get back to the mat.

Rockhold on Machida’s back and blasting away with hard ground and pound shots. Machida just trying to survive to the bell now in the opening round. Rockhold has a hold of his neck, but lets it go. He blasts him with a hard elbow.

Machida here’s the bell, but that was a tough opening round and he’s already sporting damage to his face with significant swelling around his right eye and he looks wobbly as he returns to his corner.

Round Two:

Machida looks a bit unsteady, but lands a leg kick. Rockhold with a big leg kick. Couple of body kicks now. Machida with a strike as he tries to work his way back into this fight.

Rockhold with a punch that just grazes his opponents head. Rockhold just shoves the Brazilian to the mat. Machida’s still not fully recovered from the first round damage and now he’s back on the mat with Rockhold on top.

Rockhold’s base is excellent here and he’s got machida’s back again. He sinks in the rear-naked choke and Machida offers little resistance before tapping. Big win for Rockhold with the first round damage being the catalyst for the finish.