On just two weeks notice, Michael Bisping shocked the world tonight at UFC 199 by knocking out Luke Rockhold in the first round to achieve his dream of winning the middleweight title.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Bisping with a side kick to the thigh. The challenger feels out with the jab and Rockhold meets him with a push kick, then a head leg kick.

Nice right hand for Bisping, but comes up short with a left behind it. Right hand for Bisping. Now one for the champ. Left and a right for Bisping as Rockhold looked for a kick.

Oblique kick and a punch for Bisping. Bisping with a left. Rockhold with a solid left and a counter from Bisping.

Body kick for Rockhold. Leg kick for Bisping and then one to the body. Push kick for Rockhold and then to the leg. Nice right from Bisping.

Leg kick for Rockhold and then tries to go upstairs with a kick, but it’s blocked. Body kick for Rockhold. Bisping tries to unleash a combination.

Rockhold with a punch, but then Bisping Counters with a huge left hook that drops Rockhold to the mat. He gets right back up, but Bisping floors him again with another left hook.

Rockhold is crumpled up against the cage and Bisping blasts a few ground and pound punches that knock him out!! Bisping wins by KO with 3.36mins on the clock.

Wow, Bisping couldn’t have scripted that any better. He always said it was his destiny to win the title, and he proved it tonight, with the icing on the cake being that he also simultaneously silenced the critics who’ve claimed throughout his UFC run that he has no punching power.