Lumumba Sayers pulled off a submission win against Scott Smith this evening, handing the Strikeforce fighter his fourth loss in a row.

The beginning of the end for Smith came early in the first round and in spectacular fashion when Sayers hoisted him up onto his shoulder and then rather than slamming him down in front of him opted to threw him backwards and came crashing down on top of him.

Smith had been clutching on to a guillotine attempt the whole time, but Sayers shook it off and before long it was he who was going for a guillotine choke of his own from his back and Smith tapped to it with just 1.34mins of the fight gone.

Nice win for Sayers and that slam will nestle nicely into his highlight reel, but for Smith this was a very disappointing loss and his future in Strikeforce may now be in doubt.