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Lyoto Machida And Shogun Rua Reflect On Their Title Fight

With the furore over the outcome of their light heavyweight title fight still fresh in their minds, both Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Shogun Rua have now spoken out on the matter.

Talking to mmaweekly about his performance, Machida said, “I was a hundred percent, but sometimes when you get in there, you’re strategy doesn’t always work exactly like you planned it to.”

“I was looking to finish the fight whenever I could, but it showed that Shogun came very well prepared for this fight. I was constantly trying to find openings to finish the fight, but unfortunately, I didn’t get that.”

Machida also described the fight as “a learning experience,” and confirmed that he would be willing to fight Shogun again.

“If the UFC decides we should have a rematch, then let’s have a rematch.”

Meanwhile Shogun has been giving his views on the fight to TATAME.com.

“I’m sure that I won, everybody thinks that I won. I talked with a lot of people here and they thought that I won, but unfortunately I think that they gave him the victory because some interests”, he say, clearly frustrated with the situation. “Everyone was surprised with what happened in the end, but what can I do?”.

“In my point of view, being fair, I won four rounds. People thought the same, Dana White, Lorenzo (Fertitta), Rickson Gracie was beside us… Everyone gave me the victory.”

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