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Lyoto Machida KO’s Randy Couture With A Flying Front Kick At UFC 129

Lyoto Machida produced a spectacular knockout to end Randy Couture’s career tonight at UFC 129 in Toronto in front of 55,000 fans.

The first round started out tentatively, and that suited Machida who was getting the better of the action. Couture looked for opportunities to clinch up against the fence, but crucially on the two occasions he did so Machida managed to quickly escape.

Meanwhile Machida wasn’t throwing much offensively, but when he did he was finding his mark, looked much quicker than his adversery, and also utilized some well timed knee strikes to the body to fend off Couture’s takedown attempts.

Round two started off slowly again but then suddenly exploded into life as Machida faked a kick and out of the blue produced a spectacular flying front kick that connected cleanly with Couture’s chin and KO’d him with just 1.05mins of the second round gone.

It was extremely reminiscent of Anderson Silva’s front kick KO over Vitor Belfort just a couple of months ago, yet was perhaps even more spectacular given that he leapt into it.

Thankfully Couture didn’t stay down for long, but in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan he confirmed that this would be the last time we will see him compete.

As for Machida, this was a highlight reel KO that will live long in the memory and propels the former champion straight back to the top of the light-heavyweight division.

If nothing else it proved that Karate is still quite literally alive and kicking in 2011.

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