Lyoto Machida Next For Rampage Jackson In The UFC?

After losing his long-awaited grudge match with Rashad Evans this past weekend, we are now left wondering what the UFC will do next with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson?

In the media scrum after UFC 114, Dana White was talking about what’s next for one of his other light-heavyweight stars when Jackson’s name suddenly cropped up.

“I’m going to get together with Machida in the next couple of days, maybe Rampage,” he told MMAweekly.

Machida was one of the fighters we suggested in our article yesterday.  It’s certainly has the makings of a blockbuster encounter, and makes sense at this stage as they are both former champions looking to bounce back from a defeat, and get right back into title contention as soon as possible.

It’s a tough challenge for both men though, and I wonder how enthusiastic Rampage in particular will be about it.  He’s never been a fan of Machida’s elusive style, has publicly called him ‘boring’ in the past, and after having difficulty dealing with the fast, in-and-out style of Rashad Evans, he may prefer to fight someone who is willing to stand and trade with him.

Personally I still feel a rematch with Forrest Griffin would be a better move at this stage, but his current shoulder injury may force the UFC into looking elsewhere and Machida – Rampage is certainly something to look forward to if it does indeed become official in the coming days.


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