Lyoto Machida Reacts To His Loss To Shogun Rua

After returning back to his native Brazil and receiving a warm welcome from over a hundred fans at the airport Lyoto Machida has been reflecting on his knockout loss to Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua at UFC 113.

“I was well trained, focused, even because our last fight was really controversial,” Machida tells told local station TV Globo. “I wanted to end this fight, I was feeling fast, but a fight is a fight, you can’t say much before it happens. Sometimes you are winning it, but the guy hits you and you lose. I think I was winning this fight, despite his aggressiveness.”

Machida did pay respect to his opponent however.

“I give Shogun all credits for his win, he deserved it and is the new champion, but that not the end of the story, life goes on”.

The former champion then admitted that there was nothing he could do when the fight suddenly reached an abrupt conclusion.

“That punch really got me and, in this division, it’s really hard to get a punch like that. When it gets you, it’s really hard.”

Despite the disappointment of defeat Machida is already looking ahead to the future, and the chance to scale the heights of the UFC’s light-heavyweight division once again.

“My plans are to dispute this belt in a year or less, like 10 months. To regain the belt is my new dream”, he stated.


  1. I think that if Machida can stick to his usual style and not chase Rua, he stands a good chance of winning. Basically I think the last fight was heavily influenced by the public and by Dana. Machida abandoned his usual calculated style and chased Rua, which is what got him KTFO.

  2. I think your right that the pressure of expectations got to him and he abandoned his strategy which did him no favors.

    Perhaps he would have a chance in a third fight with Shogun – I certainly wouldn’t rule him out – but for the time being I’m now more interested in seeing how he fares against some of the other top fighters at 205lbs. There’s still a lot of intriguing fights for him out there.

  3. Good luck Machida, I love his original style but Shogun did well! I hope that he will come back stronger!

  4. many people love machida but in his last fight he wasn’t in the best strategy and dana white does he lets shogun to take some illicite products for that fight because it was a strange power from shogun may be he took cocaine or something else. who knows?

  5. The UFC has drug testing measures in place Salem so that’s highly unlikely. Shogun’s always been a powerful puncher and really this was one of the few times in Machida’s career where someone managed to breakthrough his defenses and test his chin.

  6. It’s sometimes frustrating when, as a fan, you have to choose one of your favourite fighters over the other. Shogun is the most exciting fighter, for me – others might and probably do feel differently. But at the same time I like Machida.

    Now that Shogun is the undisputed champion, I hope Machida can put together a few wins to get his rematch. I doubt Lyoto will get beaten again any time soon, some fighters just have the other guys number. The Dragon will come back strong, and a bout with Forrest would be entertaining.

  7. It seems like Machida Vs Rampage is the fight the UFC want to put on, but from what he’s been saying in recent days I don’t think Rampage is keen. If he can duck out of that fight it’s probably a smart move as Machida’s evasive style would be a major headache for him.

  8. Machida says he felt fast and that well prepared for Shogun> His fundamental mistake was being too aggressive and not staying true to his Karate/Defense. Machida, however was winning the fight> he nailed him in the ribs with a hard knee and then threw a haymaker left hook, however, Shogun reacted to the left hook and countered with that monster over hand right. Machida’s hook got there first but Shogun’s counter allowed him to slip the hook. Machida missed with that nasty hook but missed and got caught.

  9. That’s fighting, anyone has a chance to win or looseand NO MAN is unbeatable. Machida is very skilled at his craft and will win many more fights but he will loose some as well, it’s the nature of the sport. He’s a great athlete to watch because his style is very different from the norm. If you watch footage of his previous wins though you will notice patterns on how he has won. Lyoto has put nearly all his past opponents on the mat with his big left, that strike has been “the winning punch” if you like. I think Rua figured a way of beating that strike but only just, it could have easily gone the other way. So…. you need a little luck on your side as well.

  10. Machida lost to Shogun twice in a row whether he runs away (the 1st match) or forward (the 2nd match)….Case is closed

  11. Leon, Do you mean Machida Vs Anderson Silva? I’m not sure that will ever happen. Silva seems to now be suggesting that he’s going to see out his career at middleweight, though he may change his mind of course. Machida and Silva are also training partners at Black House so that makes the fight even more unlikely.


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