Just a few hours ago Dana White confirmed that Lyoto Machida will once again fight for the title against Jon Jones at UFC 140 in December after Rashad Evans was ruled out due to a hand injury.

In a new interview with Brazilian site TATAME, the former 205lb champion reveals that he only found out about the possibility of thefight within the last 24 hours and he didn’t hesitate to agree to it .

“I was at a birthday party last night and I heard I’d be fighting Jon Jones. I accepted immediately,” he says.

Machida had met with White’s wrath just months earlier when he refused to step in as a late replacement to face Rashad Evans unless he was paid “Anderson Silva money.”

Later he explained that the reason he did that was that he was uncomfortable with the idea of fighting at such short notice. This time the circumstances are different and with more than two months remaining to prepare for this fight with Jones there was no such problems this time around.

“I try not to make room for any mistakes. I can lose to anyone, but I can’t lose to myself. I demand a prediction of when I’m fighting so I can prepare myself the best possible way, I want to be at my best when I’m fighting.”

‘The Dragon’ also offered his assessment of how he matches up with his opponent, who’s now widely considered one of the top pound-for-pound fighters on the planet at the age of 24.

“It’s hard, he’s is much versatile and knows a lot of techniques, but we play a similar game. He kicks, I kick, he punches and goes to the ground, I can defend myself and take him down too. Stamina and game plan are things that could define this bout’s outcome. Nobody is invincible. We’re training for the best, looking for enlarging our body and mind and that’s what I’m gonna do.”