Coming off a spectacular KO of Randy Couture at UFC 129 in April, former light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida is very much back in the mix in the upper reaches of the divison.

The only catch is that due to the UFC’s currently arranged fight schedule at 205lbs there’s not an obvious opponent for him appearing on the horizon.

According to Machida himself in a new interview with O Globo he did at one stage have an inclination of who he might be facing, but an unexpected turn of events ruled it out.

“They wanted to put me with Ryan Bader but he lost to Tito Ortiz last weekend so, so far I have no opponent,”
‘The Dragon’ reveals.

That leaves Ortiz as the alternative option, but Machida has beaten him once before back in 2008 and despite his impressive victory at UFC 132 it has to be kept in mind that this was his first win in six fights.

So he’s hardly an ideal candidate, but given ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’s’ reputation in the sport, and Machida’s desire to get back into the Octagon, it’s not a fight he’s willing to rule out.

“If it is a really interesting thing, it can happen. Not ‘financially interesting’ but interesting in the sense of, if it would move me forward, closer to the title. Then I would surely take that fight.”

I must admit it’s not a fight I’m particularly keen to see again, and I don’t think it really benefits either fighter that much to do a rematch. With few other viable options available to the promotion at this time however, if they want to keep Machida busy then this could be the only real solution.


  1. machida will take that belt again marked my words and he will reign for long time !! (HOW??) leg kicks against jon jones , , ,shogun 3??? pure counter striking! more on punching and take downs rampage ??? leg kicks too! witch combination rampage is sucker in any combination of his opponent remeber that :)

  2. Yea, but it depends which machida shows up for the fight. He is also keen to sit back and avoid exchanges all night.