Lyoto Machida has held the light-heavyweight belt around his waist before, and he’ll get the chance to do so again when he takes on the current champion at UFC 140 on December 10th.

The catch is that the man currently wearing the belt is MMA phenom Jon Jones who, at the age of just 24, is already considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

Therefore Machida, who was himself not so long ago hailed as one of the sport’s elite as he went on a 16 fight winning streak, knows that he needs to push himself to the limit in order to achieve his dream.

In a new interview on Brazilian TV Machida reveals that he’s taken his training camp for this fight to an entirely different level than anything he’s experienced before.

For instance, Machida now has nine professionals focusing on getting him in peak mental and physical condition for the fight, including trainers, physical conditioners, physiologists and physiotherapists.

“I’ve never had this training routine anywhere in the world,” Machida says. “I trained in Japan, I trained in the US, but with the structure I have today, I’ve never had this training before. With professionals who can credit me so that I can trust more and more in my techniques and conditioning.”

Here’s a couple of the unique additions to his training regime:

  • Practicing in a smaller Octagon, forcing him to be more agile.
  • Three cameras taping everything he does in the cage for post-training review and analysis.

He states that this has helped to spot mistakes and tighten up his technique, with both his timing and takedown defense in particular having benefitted from it.

Watch more of Machida’s interview in the video below.

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