Lyoto Machida Wants To Be A Coach On The Ultimate Fighter

In a new interview with light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida talks (In English, without the aid of a translator) about a number of topics including:

‘Shogun’ Rua: “I know Shogun is a great fighter, I know Shogun, he was a champion in Pride in Japan – but now is a different time.  Now we gonna fight in the cage, we gonna fight in the UFC.  Now I’m the champion, Shogun is the challenge.”

Training: “It’s not a job for me, it’s a pleasure.”

Brock Lesnar: “I respect Brock Lesnar as a fighter, but I know that I can fight with him. ”

The Ultimate Fighter:  “I study every day…I try to improve my English, because I would like to star in a reality show (TUF) the next time.”

Machida rounds off the interview by picking his dream card featuring Brazilian fighters.  Find out who he picks by watching the full interview below:


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