M-1 Global Hint At Fedor Extending Contract With Strikeforce

Just a few months ago Fedor Emelianenko was still riding an unparalleled ten year winning streak, Dana White was claiming that signing the Russian superstar had become, “an obsession,” M-1 Global were playing hard-ball, and there was endless speculation about whether he would eventually end up in the UFC once his current Strikeforce contract ended.

Fast forward to the present day and Emelianenko’s amazing run has now come to an end after a defeat to Fabricio Werdum, Dana White’s interest has cooled, and M-1 Global appeared to soften their stance regarding co-promotion and indicated that a deal with the UFC could be established.

Despite that M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelstein reveals in a new interview that a potential deal with the UFC now seems dead in the water.

“First of all, we never had any sort of relationship with Dana White, and secondly, he said that he was no longer interested in Fedor – we should have expected this We want to arrange a fight with Brock Lesnar, but I think it’s no longer possible,” Finkelstein tells Lowkick.com.

Now it seems that despite a somewhat frosty relationship, a contract extension with Fedor’s current employer Strikeforce appears to be the most likely option for him.

“The issues stemming from the Nov 9th show were ironed out and we all took a lot of positives from San Jose,” M-1 Global Head Of Operations Evgeni Kogan tells their own website“Now we are in talks to extend the contract for Fedor and at the same time to settle on who, when and where he is fighting next. These talks are going smoothly and we are hopeful of a full resolution very shortly.”

As for Fedor himself, though it’s not yet 100% certain where he will fight next, what he does appear to be sure of is how much longer he can continue fighting.

“so far I feel very comfortable fighting, very good with my fighting, and I’m planning of fighting as long as I can physically. As far and I’m concerned we should discuss the possibility of signing another contract for 4-6 fights,” Fedor says on the M-1 Global website.

The way I see it, it would make more sense for Fedor and Co. to hold off until after his next fight before signing on the dotted line.  If he can get back to winning ways then the hype train will start all over again, and the UFC may yet renew their interest in the heavyweight star.  If nothing else it would put them in a stronger position at the bargaining table with Strikeforce.

M-1 Global moves in mysterious way though so there’s nothing else to do but wait and see how the chips fall.


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