UFC President Dana White will let anyone who cares to listen how much he despises boxing promoter Bob Arum, and rest assured that Arum is more than happy to return the favor.

Is White’s biterness towards Arum justified though, or is it purely down to the fact that MMA and boxing are often pitched against each other in the media as being two sports in a drawn out battle for dominance in the arena of combat sports.

Well, if you care to listen to Manny Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning trainer Alex Ariza then it’s the former, with Ariza claiming in a recent interview with Fight Hype that White is entirely justified in labeling Arum as, “A fat greedy pig.”

Read what Ariza had to say below.

“Here’s the thing, Dana White is 100% absolutely correct. Bob Arum is a greedy pig. Now I see. That’s exactly why Dana White has been so successful and Bob Arum sees him as such a threat, because he puts the fights together that the people want to see. It’s about putting the best fights on. That’s why people love the UFC so much, because the fights are so competitive. Even though he had the biggest fight with Nick Diaz and they went back and forth at each other, Dana did the right thing by the sport and he still put him and BJ Penn together and made them fight.”

Ariza goes on to claim that Arum is doing the opposite, with his ego getting in the way of one of the biggest boxing fight’s of all time between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Arum hates Floyd Mayweather, can’t stand him, doesn’t want to see him make a dollar, can’t stand Golden Boy, doesn’t want to do business with them, but instead of doing what’s best for the sport, what’s best or the fans, and what’s best for the fighters because they’ll get the payday of a lifetime, no, it’s all about him. “I don’t like him, so f**k him!” I mean, right or wrong? Unless you can tell me and convince me otherwise, because I’m thoroughly convinced and believe that Floyd really does want to have this fight. I think he really wants to have this fight. As far as he knows, he’s right. He’s right. Bob is the one interfering and f**king s**t up.”

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