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Mariusz Pudzianowski Defeats Sean McCorkle In KSW 24 Rematch

KSW 24 took place in Poland last night and in a heavyweight rematch former UFC fighter Sean McCorkle suffered a loss to national hero Mariusz Pudzianowski.

In their first encounter earlier this year McCorkle had tapped out the former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ with a kimura inside of two minutes, but in their hastily arranged rematch he essentially spent almost the entire two round fight on his back as Pudzianowski controlled position, but offered little in the way of meaningful offense.

Mid-way through the second round McCorkle did manage to get a kimura and use that to sloppily sweep on top, but he too offered minimal offense on top for the remainder of the round.

And that was the end of this tepid fight, with Pudzianowski winning by decision which gives him the biggest win of his career to date, though in all fairness that’s not exactly saying much when that short list includes the likes of Bob Sapp and ‘Butterbean’.

Afterwards, McCorkle asked KSW to give him a rubber match with Pudzianowski, but it’s not clear at this stage if it will happen, or indeed who who would actually want to watch it given what they’d just witnessed.

“I am embarrassed by my performance and I apologize to all of you who support me,” McCorkle, who’s lost four of his last five fights, wrote on Twitter.

Overall it’s another highly dubious fight involving Pudzianowski.  Perhaps the biggest question that springs to mind here is why there was even a rematch in the first place given how quickly McCorkle originally defeated him?

Of course KSW has a history of doing this – after all let’s not forget that following Pudzianowski’s submission loss to James Thompson in 2011 an immediate rematch was put together that saw the Polish celebrity winning a highly questionable decision victory.  So questionable in fact that after somewhat of a backlash the result was quickly overturned to a no-contest verdict, with officials citing a “judging error.”

Nevertheless, Pudzianowski is such a big star in his native Poland that people continue to show up to his fights, and so this circus will presumably continue to rumble on for some time to come.

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