Mariusz Pudzianowski Open Workout: Striking Still Woeful

It’s close to a year since former multiple time winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition Mariusz Pudzianowski first pro MMA fight. On September 18th he’ll take on Erich ‘Butterbean’ Esch at KSW 14 in an attempt to get back on track after a humbling defeat to former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia.

Pudzianowski recently did an open workout in his native Poland in order to demonstrate his developing skill-set. Now I should say that I’ve been critical of Pudz since watching a previous showcase of his boxing skills last year, and I’m afraid having just watched the new footage my opinion has not changed much.

Check it out below and then scroll down for some more thoughts.

It’s somewhat baffling to me that even at this relatively early stage in his career the Pole still isn’t able to demonstrate the fundamental’s of sound striking technique.

For one thing he stands very square relative to his opponent. He’s also extremely flat-footed and is failing to properly engage his legs and hips into his punches – a basic but key element of punching power. Meanwhile he still possesses a horrible looking hook and despite having lost some weight over the past few months to help his cardio he still looks very slow. I could go on, but there’s only so much time in the day.

Incidentally, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Month ago his boxing coach simply described his boxing as, “bad,” while his forthcoming opponent Butterbean stated that he, “hits like a girl.”

On this evidence both men are right on the money.


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