Mariusz Pudzianowski Reacts To Sylvia Loss – Not Finished With MMA Yet

With only two fights on his MMA resume, Mariusz Pudzianowski stepped into the cage last night with a veteran and former multiple-time champion of the sport, Tim Sylvia, and was quickly handed a humbling mixed martial arts lesson.

At the post-fight press conference the former five time ‘World’s Strongest Man’ showed his natural competitive spirit by indicating that we’ve not seen the last of him in the sport.

“I am still learning, this is the learning curve for me,” The Pole said. “I took the risk. … You guys will hear about me for sure.”

Pudzianowski, who was on the receiving end of considerable punishment during the fight blamed cardio for both his performance and his decision to tap out due to strikes early in the second round.

“I knew I could possibly prolong the fight for a little bit longer, but because of my conditioning, or lack of conditioning, I decided there was really no sense to do it, point to do it. The conditioning was by far the deciding factor for me in not continuing to fight.”

While cardio was undoubtedly a factor his lack of technique was also a glaring weakness and though he showed signs of a solid chin it’s hard to imagine he could have continued to eat Sylvia’s knees from the muay thai clinch in particular if the fight had continued.

For his part Tim Sylvia said post-fight that he never had any doubt that he would emerge victorious in the contest.

“I felt very confident for this fight. What I’ve been telling people, it would be like entering a strongman competition against this man. No chance in hell.”

He also had some faint praise for the strongman who’s record now stands at 2-1.

“He went a minute 15 seconds longer than I thought he was going to.”


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