Mariusz Pudzianowski Vs James Thompson Fight At KSW 17 Changed To A No Contest

There was controversy in Poland at the weekend when local favorite Mariusz Pudzianowski was awarded a majority decision win over James Thompson at KSW 17 despite the fact that to everyone else watching that the two round contest was at the very least a draw.

The result sparked outrage, not least from Thompson who proceeded to grab the microphone and unleash a profanity-laced verbal tirade aimed at KSW’s promoter, describing the organization as “a joke” and predicting that it was going to “go down the toilet” due to dodgy decisions like this.

Needless to say this was an embarrassing situation for KSW, particularly given that the whole thing was caught live on national TV in Poland, and so in the cold light of day they’ve moved swiftly to try to make amends.

KSW officials today blamed a judging error for the majority decision ruling, and claimed that the fight should in fact have been declared a draw which would have lead to a bonus third round taking place.

Since that didn’t happen the officials have decided to declare the fight a no-contest.

The announcement papers over some of the cracks, but there’s no doubt that KSW’s reputation has taken a severe dent as a result of this fiasco which is unfortunate as they are one of the most interesting European promotions.

The problem is that right now they rely too heavily on Pudzianowski’s superstar status in the country to generate interest and like EliteXC in the U.S who relied too similarly relied on Kimbo Slice to draw viewers, that’s a risky strategy given that the former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ has so far shown precious few signs of being a good MMA fighter.


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