Mark Coleman And Frank Trigg Discuss Retirement After UFC 109 Defeats

After being convincingly beaten at UFC 109 two MMA veterans, Mark Coleman (45) and Frank Trigg (37), are now facing up to the possibility of retirement.

It appears that neither has made up their minds to do so just yet though.  Here’s what they had to say after their fight’s on Saturday night.

“I’m not ending on this note.  I’m gonna train harder, smarter, better, longer – the whole shebang.  I’ll be back.”Mark Coleman

“I’ve gotta go back and talk to the wife, talk to the kids and kind of see how things go.  The problem is that even though the athlete may still want to compete, the family tends to have a better idea of what you should be doing, so I’ll talk to them and figure it out, that’s just how it goes.”Frank Trigg

If the two fighters do decide to continue to compete then it seems likely they will have to do so somewhere other than the UFC as Dana White appeared to believe that they have made their final visits to the octagon.

“Time is a bitch man, it takes it’s toll on all of us.,” he told Ariel Helwani. “I think we probably might have seen the last time that Mark Coleman fights.”

When asked by Mike Straka whether Frank Trigg was in any danger (of being cut) after his second loss in a row White simply said, “Probably…yeah, I would say so.”

Will both fighters retire if they are indeed released from their contracts?

Trigg has previously stated that he has no interest in fighting anywhere other than the UFC any more, and would retire rather than go back to the smaller promotions.  It remains to be seen whether he goes through with it now that this potential situation has become a reality.

It’s unclear how Coleman would react to being cut from the roster, but it would not be a surprise to see him go back to fighting in Japan where he spent much of his career rather than hang up his gloves.

Watch the post-fight interviews with the two fighters below.

Mark Coleman:

Frank Trigg:


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