Former PRIDE star Mark Hunt produced an upset victory over Cheick Kongo at UFC 144 tonight thanks to his heavy hands.

The men got into a clinch against the fence early in the fight which wasn’t ideal for Hunt, but he managed to escape and soon after staggered Hunt with a clinical counter left hook to the jaw.

That gave Kongo pause for thought, but he continued to strike with ‘The Super Samoan’ and that would quickly prove to be his downfall.

Hunt was looking confident now and stalked Kongo, landing a heavy right hand that forces Kongo into reverse gear.

More right hands follow and they are all landing, with a final one taking Kongo’s legs out from under him and as Hunt swarms on him the referee steps in to save him from further punishment with 2.11mins of the first round gone.

Kongo was still conscious though and was moving to improve his position so the stoppage was questionable, but given the powerful blows Hunt was landing perhaps it wasn’t a terrible decision.

All credit to Hunt though who was completely discounted when he entered the UFC, but at the age of 37 has now strung together three victories in a row.