Mark Munoz made short work of CB Dollaway this evening, TKO’ing him after just 54 seconds.

Dollaway took Munoz down in the opening stages of the fight, but couldn’t keep the wrestler down, and the two were quickly back to their feet.

As they started to exchange, Munoz caught Dollaway with a powerful straight right to the chin. Staggered from the blow, Dollaway was then caught with a right hook which sent him down to the canvas.

Munoz followed up immediately with more strikes, but was only able to unleash a couple of punches to his grounded opponent before the referee pounced to save him further punishment.

Dollaway was back to his feet shortly afterwards complaining about the stoppage, insisting that he had been fit to continue.

Replays showed that he was still moving when the fight was stopped, but his eyes were glazed over and it seemed to take him a few moments to regain his senses.

The referee could have let the fight go on a little longer, but the reality is that he more than likely saved Dollaway from further punishment and a potential KO instead of a TKO loss.