Mark Munoz is in something of an awkward spot in the UFC’s middleweight division.

After a win over Chris Leben last night in the main event of UFC 138 he’s now on a four fight winning streak in the weight class and as such is understandably thinking about the possibility of fighting for the title.

There’s only one problem, the man currently holding the belt is his friend and training partner Anderson Silva.

For some that would be the end of the story, with many fighters opting not to compete if it means treading on the toes of someone who they traing with on a daily basis.

Not Munoz though, for him it’s strictly business and is nothing personal against the world champion.

“I paid my dues in this weight class and I think I deserve a title shot,” Munoz declared in his post-fight interview. “Anderson Silva is by far the best pound for pound in the world. I give him all the respect and honor, but right now I think I deserve a title shot. I consider him a friend. Right now I would love to get a title shot.”

While Munoz may see it that way it’s questionable whether Silva will do likewise. In the past he’s balked at the idea of fighting team-mates like Lyoto Machida while taking offense when being challenged by former training partners such as Vitor Belfort.

In actual fact it may help Munoz if Silva does react badly to his suggestion.

Currently Munoz is being overshadowed by the more controversial and outspoken fighters in the division such as Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping who also want the next crack at the champ so he needs an angle of his own in order to have a chance of getting noticed.