The MMA community was shocked yesterday to discover that woman’s mixed martial arts star Marloes Coenen had been cut from her Strikeforce deal after losing the 135lb title she had held for the previous 10 months to Miesha Tate.

Needless to say nobody was more taken aback by the news that Coenen herself who likened it to a “bad dream” this morning on Twitter.

Still, after being bombarded with messages of support from fans and sympathizers with her unfortunate predicament, the 30 year-old appeared to be adjusting as best as she could to suddenly finding herself back as a free agent after putting almost 11 years into her career to get to this point.

“I want to thank all my fans for the overwhelming support & kindness. I can hardly wrap my head around the love you have showned me. You have supported me as a fighter & a representative of WMMA. And I genuinely thank you for this.

Golden Glory is more then a fight team; we’re a family. We are in this together and now I know the fans have joined us.

The Dutch fighter, who’s considered one of the leading fighters in woman’s MMA, has also vowed to keep on fighting despite this latest setback.

“Fighting = my life..when I’m back in NL. I’ll be working out hard again. For now I can rest & recover here in the US,” she wrote to one concerned fan.

So under the circumstances she’s taking the news with the grace and humilty that we’ve come to expect from her, but really she’s been terribly unfairly treated here by Zuffa who shouldn’t be using fighters as pawns like this as a way to get at the Golden Glory fight camp who they currently have a behind-the-scenes dispute with.