Marloes Coenen Signs For New Organization ‘Blackeye Promotions’

Female MMA star Marloes Coenen was one of the unfortunate fighters caught up in the cross-fire between Zuffa and Golden Glory Management recently which was primarily focused around an issue with Alistair Overeem, but eventually resulted in her being cut from the Strikeforce promotion as well.

Since then the two companies appear to have patched up some of their differences and the UFC have now confirmed they are in talks with Overeem over a potential new deal, but meanwhile Coenen is not sitting around waiting for Strikeforce to invite her back.

Instead she announced yesterday on HDNet’s ‘Inside MMA’ show that she has now signed a deal with a relatively new organization out of North Carolina titled ‘Blackeye Promotions.’

The news is a little underwhelming given that this company is virtually an unknown quantity at this stage, but on the plus side Coenen is taken with the fact that they are committed to woman’s MMA, and importantly she notes that it is a non-exclusive deal, so she’s not tied down to anything and can talk to other promoters.

Nevertheless she appears to be playing hard-to-get with Strikeforce and while she’s not completely ruling out a return there, she does give the impression that she’s not in a hurry to do so.

It’s an unfortunate situation and really it was a terrible judgement call by Zuffa in the first place to remove her from Strikeforce immediately after losing her 135lb title as she’s undoubtedly still one of the best female fighters around.

At the same time I hope Coenen won’t cut off her nose to spite her face by avoiding renegotiating with Strikeforce as it is still the biggest and best platform for her talents going forward.

Nevertheless the show must go on and Coenen reveals that her first fight for Black Eye Promotions will be in February.


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