Anderson Silva’s recent elbow surgery has cast doubt over his proposed title fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC 109 for some time now.  The news in the past few days that the healing process had been slower than expected seemed to all but confirm that this fight would, at the very least, need to be postponed.

It now appears that the UFC may be looking to change there plans altogether however, with Fighters Only claiming that Nate Marquardt could now be called on to replace Anderson Silva, allowing for a battle to establish who is the genuine No.1 contender in the middleweight division.

It is a match-up that would appear to suit all the fighters concerned.  Nate Marquardt in particular has been disappointed to have been overlooked as the next title contender, and will likely relish the chance to prove his worth against Belfort.  Meanwhile Belfort himself has went on record recently as being in no hurry to face Anderson Silva, preferring to get more fights under his belt first.

For Anderson Silva it affords him more time to recover from his injury, and, rather conveniently, it forces the UFC to put together a match-up that he and his manager Ed Soares, have been calling for since his title bout with Belfort was first announced.

The only party that is likely to feel hard done to here is the UFC.  They have been hit hard by injuries and illness lately, and will be frustrated that one of the their key fighters return to action will now be delayed.


  1. Yet another reason for a structured ranking system for the UFC. Why does it seem that a bunch of prepubescent boys are the ones scheduling these fights? A big name should not be the requirement for a title shot. We have seen time and time again big name fights end up being disappointments and match ups that no one thought would be worth watching be some of the most entertaining fights of all. UFC should have a structured ranking system that determines the fights, instead of thinking about what would be the “cool” fight.