Matt Hamill And Jamie Varner Vie For Longest Injury List

This past weekend both Matt Hamill and Jamie Varner battled through a laundry-list of ailments in their quest for victory.

At the TUF 11 finale on Saturday night Hamill emerged from his bloody encounter with Keith Jardine with a suspected broken hand, blurred vision after being poked in the eye, a right eye-lid laceration and doctor’s also later confirmed he had fought with a staph infection.

A day later in the main event of WEC 49 against Kamal Shalorus, Varner seemed hell-bent on going one up on Hamill.  He may well have been successful in that regard considering doctor’s later reported him as having a suspected broken hand, broken foot, and damaged ribs.  Let’s not forget that even worse than that, he was also illegally kicked in the balls three times during the fight for good measure!

“People keep asking about my nuts so let’s just say they are a Lil swollen and bruised;-)”, Varner admitted ruefully on twitter the next day.

If it’s any consolation to Varner, his opponent was also worse for wear after the fight.  Shalorus is reported to have two suspected broken hands and a leg injury to contend with.

Despite their assorted injury complaints the fighters above all fought through until the final bell in their respective fights.

So you wanna be a fighter?  This is how.


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