Matt Hughes Likes His Next Fight With Ricardo Almeida

After his recent win at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, Matt Hughes, who was recently welcomed into the UFC Hall Of Fame, is stepping back into the octagon relatively quickly by his recent standards against Ricardo ‘Big Dog’ Almeida at UFC 117 in August.

This could be a tough test for Hughes at this stage in his career with Almeida currently on a three fight win streak, and having lost just once in his last nine 10 bouts.  Despite that the former multiple time welterweight champion is confident this is a good match-up for him.

“Well I think I bring a lot of experience into it,” he tells Fight! Magazine. “Ricardo’s aggressive and [has a] very good ground game.  So I think I fill the holes everywhere else.  I obviously like the match-up – I took the fight.”

The fight will see Hughes embroiled in yet another Gracie family rivalry with Ameida being a student of Renzo Gracie who he just defeated, and apparently now out for revenge.

“Well he is, there’s no doubt about that, he asked for the fight right after I beat Renzo, but it doesn’t play into me, you know, it didn’t play into me before.  I like Renzo, I think he’s a great guy, he just happened to be who the UFC put me against.”

“I didn’t ask for any of these fights.  I didn’t ask for Royce, Renzo or Ricardo, so it’s just whoever the UFC brought to me.”

Watch the full interview with Hughes below.


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