Matt Hughes Predicts A BJ Penn Win Against Jon Fitch

BJ Penn’s old foe turned firm friend Matt Hughes has admitted in his latest blog that he’s eager to watch Saturday’s UFC 127 event in Australia, which is headlined by the Hawaiian.

“This weekend’s UFC is an interesting card for me, with former teammate Spencer Fisher fighting and also local Illinois kid Jason Reinhardt on the card as well. Then, with BJ on the card, it’s just a must-see night of fights for me. I don’t watch all of the UFCs, I’ve really got to be interested in a match-up or have a friend on the card; but this is one of those that I’ve just got to watch.”

It’s quite a turnaround for the former welterweight champion who was KO’d by Penn just three months ago, but it’s a testament to his character that he’s been able to see past that and turn it into something positive.

In fact Hughes spent some time in Hawaii helping to train Penn for his upcoming fight, with his wrestling skills helping to give ‘The Prodigy’ a taste of what he can expect against another dominant wrestler in Jon Fitch.

Having had a chance to roll with him, Hughes feels that Penn has what it takes to become only the second man to defeat Fitch in the UFC.

“I think if BJ goes in and does what we worked on, things are going to look really good for him; but sometimes gameplans are hard to implement, so we’ll just see. I can guarantee you that BJ has the tools to win and I think comes out with his hand raised.”


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