Matt Hughes Wants To Fight Again, But The Final Decision Is Dana White’s

Matt Hughes was at one point in time as dominant a champion as the UFC had ever known, ruling the welterweight division with an iron fist, but age is finally starting to catch up with him and the last few fights haven’t been kind to him, picking up quick KO losses to both BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck.

That lead to a general feeling that it was time for Hughes to retire, and after his last defeat it seemed that even the former champion himself was thinking along the same lines, though he didn’t come out and say so.

Now however the 38 year-old has finally spoken out on the situation in an interview on Fuel TV last night, and it turns out that there’s life in the old dog yet.

“I want to fight again. My wife tells me I’m going to retire, so Dana is the deciding vote. We’ll talk with him and see what happens.”

Hughes hasn’t yet had the opportunity to speak with the UFC president but hopes to do so in the near future and would like to fight as soon as he can get back in shape.

Watch Hughes full interview with Ariel Helwani below.


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