Matt Mitrione Fires His Manager On Spike TV After UFC 119 Win

In perhaps one of the more unusual post-fight comments we’ve heard in the octagon’s history, Matt Mitrione announced following his win over Joey Beltran at UFC 119 that his manager was fired.

Backstage afterwards MMAfighting reporter Ariel Helwani tracked down the heavyweight fighter and asked him what the story was behind that decision.

“His name’s Malki Kawa with First Round Management.  He did the worst job ever with sponsorships.  For a televised fight he got me $5,000.  $5,000 for a televised fight.  That is highly unacceptable so yeah, Malki your fired.”

When questioned further it seems like things may have gotten a little personal between the two prior to the fight.

“We were asking him much, what did you get, you know, who did I get on my shorts.  I needed to get my shorts, try them on.  I needed to get these things hemmed and blah, blah, blah.  The answers I get is, ‘Your wife’s bothering me about stuff that’s not her business.’

“For real dude?  It’s not my wife’s business about my money?   It’s a trip.  Ok, my wife is aggressive brother.   It was just a trip, he was out of line in a lot of ways and you know I think it’s really appropriate for me to fire you on national TV – your fired!”

Meanwhile Kawa was trying to laugh off the matter on twitter.

“So @mattmitrione just fired me…lol I love it… Congrats to team meathead” – Malki Kawa

Later after watching Mitrione’s interview he appeared to be willing to shrug off the incident.

“I saw the mitrione intv… Its all good. Isn’t all true, but all good.” – Malki Kawa

Kawa can sleep soundly though knowing that his no.1 client is still a fan.

“Lol!!! Mitrione is crazy! @malkikawa is the best manager is the business,” – Jon ‘Bones’ Jones

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