Matt Mitrione continued to demonstrate the power in his hands tonight against Christian Morecraft, dropping him several times before finally applying a second round KO finish.

Morecraft had stated pre-fight that he had a big advantage on the ground, but in the opening round he chose to stand and trade with Mitrione.

That didn’t appear to work out too well though, with Mitrione getting the better of the action, briefly sitting Morecraft down on the mat early with a powerful left straight, and then towards the end of the round wobbling him with a right hook followed up by more strikes that slumped him to the mat once again.

On to the second round and Mitrione was again getting the better of the stand-up action. Wisely Morecraft finally went for a takedown and put Mitrione on his butt against the cage. He struggled to do much with the position though and Mitrione calmly worked his way back to his feet.

Not keen to go back to the mat again Mitrione presses forward with renewed urgency and met with almost immediate success, firing off a three piece combination that sent Morecraft’s mouthpiece flying in one direction and his barely conscious body dropping to the canvas in the other.

And that’s all she wrote, with the referee bringing a halt to the contest at 4.28 mins of the round.

This was another good performance by Mitrione who continued to showcase his ever-improving striking game and notched up his fifth win in a row inside the octagon.