Matt Mitrione’s Intriguing Thoughts On Brock Lesnar’s Camp

The Ultimate Fighter season 10 competitor and current UFC heavyweight contender Matt Mitrione had some intriguing thoughts on Brock Lesnar’s training camp prior to the former pro-wrestler’s loss to Cain Velasquez on Saturday night.

Mitrione is friends and training partners with Pat Barry who had been brought in by Lesnar’s camp specifically to help him train his striking ahead of the fight.

When asked by MMAPrimeTV’s Aaron Tru at the opening of Tiki Ghosn’s new gym what improvements Barry would have brought to Lesnar’s game, Mitrione gave the impression of knowing a little more than he was willing to share on camera.

“…I know what Pat Barry brings,” Mitrione stated after a pregnant pause.  What Brock excepts and what Brock wants to learn are totally different things. I don’t know, he’s not allowed to talk about it so I just know he’s been up there, but I can tell you that Pat taught me a tremendous amount in a short amount of time and as a result I would think that Brock would be able…and Brock’s an athlete, you know, so I would think that he would be able to pick up quite a bit also.  But, if your so firmly rooted in what you believe to be the gospel, I don’t know if you’re going to be listening to a different verse.”

The remarks seem particularly relevant given that they were offered just hours before Lesnar’s striking deficiencies and apparent aversion to being hit cost him dearly during a one round demolition at the hands of Valesquez.

Lesnar’s camp has been criticized in the past for being composed of little more than a group of wrestlers. In fact fellow heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub took aim at their set-up in the build-up to UFC 121.

“When I’m in camp, I’m constantly training, trying to improve my game and get better at all aspects. Can’t say the same for those guys. You know, they go in there and they wrestle,” Schaub commented on MMANation.

Given the secrecy surrounding Lesnar’s training sessions in his private facility it’s hard to assess exactly what’s he’s doing, or more importantly not doing, to prepare for his fights, but from the performances he’s offered in the octagon recently even UFC president Dana White can spot the holes in his striking.

“His stand-up looks good when he’s throwing punches and landing. When he’s getting hit, that’s when his hands start to fall apart,” White noted after the fight on Saturday.

Since the fight there’s been a feeling that perhaps it’s time for Lesnar to rethink his approach to training and perhaps even move to a different camp altogether, but given his reclusive nature and desire to do things his own way I’d be surprised if that becomes a reality.

Mitrione’s comments on Lesnar can be heard at 4.55mins in the video below.

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