Matt Riddle has been cut from the UFC after testing positive for marijuana in London, England at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 7’ earlier this month.

This is the second time time that Riddle has been found to have had the drug in his system after also testing positive as recently as last July at UFC 149.

On that occasion his victory over Chris Clements was changed to a no-contest and the same will now apply to his win over Che Mills.

The UFC recently announced that they are looking to cut 100 fighters in total from their current roster and so Riddle’s actions, combined with the fact that Dana White had been criticial of his performance in his last fight, made him an easy target.

Given that Riddle had already been punished for using the drug it’s hard to feel sorry for him here and you have to wonder what he was thinking.


  1. He deserved to be cut for violating his contract. However, Dana is a douchebag for criticizing his performance. He grappled with a man who is better on the stand up. Che Mills could have knocked him out otherwise. Its mma, not boxing. Overall, smart fighter, stupid man.