Matt Serra And Frank Trigg Trade Verbal Jabs

As soon as the fight between Matt Serra and Frank Trigg, two of the bigger personalities in the UFC, was announced you knew it was only a matter of time before a war of words ensued.

As it stands this generally revolves around Trigg making fun of his opponent’s height, “he’s just an angry foot stomping midget,” while Serra returns fire by mocking Trigg’s appearance, “you got the nail polish AND the tramp stamp…that’s getting a little weird.”

If you look beyond that though then this is a serious fight for both fighters.  Serra, now 35, is two fights without a win in the octagon since his shock win over GSP in 2007, while Trigg was soundly beaten in his return to the UFC in September at the age of 37.

The fact that they both already have their retirments plans mapped out (Serra plans to coach at his successful Jiu Jitsu schools while Trigg is eyeing further media work after previously commentating for PRIDE) only emphasizes the fact that one more defeat could potentially spell the end for their career.

For Serra it’s possibility, but for Trigg it’s a certainty having already been informed by UFC bosses that a loss would see the end to his second spell in the promotion.

With that in mind we can rest assured that despite the trash-talking, both these fighters will have their minds firmly focused on the task in hand come February 6th.

In the mean time, check out the latest interviews with both fighters ahead of the fight.

Matt Serra UFC Video Blog Day 1:

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Frank Trigg Interview With Steve Cofield:

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