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Matt Serra Eyes A Return To The Octagon Early Next Year

After losing a closely contested split decision to bitter rival Matt Hughes at UFC 98 Matt Serra’s future in the UFC has remained somewhat unclear.  Now, in a new interview with mma.fanhouse Serra has revealed that he is planning to return to the octagon in February next year with Frank Trigg rumored to be his likely opponent.

In the interview the 35 year old Serra admits that he remains unhappy with the decision in his last fight and is looking for a rematch with former champion Hughes.

There’s no way you are going to tell me I lost that last fight. I don’t care. I mean, whatever, I don’t care what the judges say. There was one guy trying to end that and there was one guy trying to squeak out a victory, you know? And that’s pretty much my take on it.” He goes on to say,I haven’t mentioned anything about the guy publicly. I know he wants to move on. I would love a rematch because I don’t think it’s really settled.”

As for what the future holds for Serra in the octagon he simply states that, “I just want fights that will be fun for me and fun for everybody involved, especially the fans.”

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