Matt Serra’s Coach Ray Longo Wants To See A BJ Penn Rematch

After earning a KO win over Frank Trigg in a battle of the veterans, the main question regarding Matt Serra is who he should fight next?

Serra’s long time coach and close friend Ray Longo has a definite idea of who he’d like to see him face.

“Me personally, I’d like to see him fight BJ (Penn), if BJ wanted to come up in weight,”
he admits.

Serra and Penn fought back at UFC 39 in September of 2002, with Penn emerging the victor by unanimous decision. A rematch would be interesting, and is certainly a possibility if Penn does indeed decide to move up to 170lbs in his quest to get a rematch with Georges St.Pierre.

Dana White has already suggested that Penn will need to fight one or two contenders in the welterweight division first before he would grant him a third bout with GSP, so Serra could well be one of the names in the hat at that stage.

Whether it’s BJ Penn or not, Longo says he want’s to see the 35 year old Serra competing in meaningful bouts at this stage of his career.

“I’d like to see Matt now stay with the marquee names and some big fights.”

Watch Ray Longo’s interview courtesy of Fight! Magazine below:


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