Matt Wiman Beats Mac Danzig Again In Tight Decision At UFC Live 6

Matt Wiman came out on top again against Mac Danzig tonight at UFC On Versus 6, but this was an excellent fight from start to finish that could just as easily have swung in Danzig’s favor.

Round one was fast and competitive with both fighters happy to engage in a striking battle. Wiman was pushing the pace, working well from the clinch at times and landed the best blow of the round when a powerful knee to the lower stomach forced Danzig to retreat.

Danzig was also well in the fight though and delivered some good punches to the body and nice uppercuts in close too while also stuffing a couple of takedown attempts.

Round two was again closely fought and enjoyable to watch. After a brief period of stand-up action Danzig successfully completed a takedown and looked to gain dominance on top. Wiman had other ideas though and stayed active from the bottom, locking in a armbar which had Danzig in trouble though he stayed calm and eventually worked his way free, retaliating with ground and pound.

Wiman wasn’t finished yet though and before long was working for a kimura which Danzig was again able to fight off and moments later they were back on their feet. Both go back to slugging it out on the feet and it becomes clear that while both men are tiring, Danzig seems to have a little more left in the tank than his opponent who’s punches are looking a little labored.

Onto the third and both men were tired, but still in the fight. Danzig looked a little crisper with his punching now and Wiman looked to nullify that by going for a takedown. It’s a tired attempt though and Danzig is able to get him down instead, taking his back.

He isn’t able to get both hooks in to secure the position and Wiman is able to shrug him off and end up on top. He then makes him pay by landing some heavy elbow strikes from half guard that leave visible lumps on Danzig’s forehead.

In the final minute they are back to their feet looking to land blows, before Danzig suddenly looks to drag Wiman down into a guillotine attempt. It’s deep but Wiman is able to ride the final few seconds out to take it to a decision.

It’s such a close fight that it could go either way, but in the end all three judges see it 29-28 for Wiman.

There’s no shame in Danzig losing in such a competitive fight though and this will be a strong candidate for ‘Fight Of The Night’ honors.


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