Matt Wiman shocks Paul Sass By Submitting Him in The First Round

Matt Wiman shocked submission ace Paul Sass tonight at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 5’ by tapping him out with a first round armbar to end his unbeaten run.

Everybody knew that Sass wanted this fight on the floor as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what he did within 10 seconds of the fight starting.

Sass positioned Wiman up against the cage inside his guard and started to work a couple of elbow strikes, before falling back looking for a leg lock.

Wiman appeared to be ok though and was trying to set himself in top position when Sass suddenly threw up an omaplata and smartly used it to get off his back.

Heading back on the mat Sass started looking for submissions, but then out of the blue it was Wiman who threw up a triangle. There was some tense moments for Sass as he tried to break free from his own trademark move, but eventually he did manage to get out of it.

Back on top Sass looked to fire off some ground and pound and the blows looked to be making an impact, but Wiman hung in there and once again fished for a submission.

This time he was looking for an armbar off his back, and he appeared to have it pretty locked up. Sass desparately tried to work his way out, but Wiman was moving into position and locked it in tight and Sass reluctantly was forced to tap with 3.48mins on the clock.

Great win for Wiman, not only taking out an undefeated fighter in Sass, but doing so by submission – his opponent’s much talked about speciality.


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