Shogun KO’s Machida To Claim The UFC Light-Heavyweight Title

After a controversial judges decision went against him in his first encounter, strong>Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua went into his eagerly anticipated rematch with Lyoto Machida determined to finish the fight.

In the end he did just that and more, knocking out the previously undefeated Machida in just under four minutes of the opening round. The initial damage was done by a thundering right hand that dropped ‘The Dragon’ to the canvas, and Shogun immediately moved into the mount and reigned down some devastating strikes leading to the knockout.

After being robbed of a victory in their previous encounter the victory was especially sweet for Shogun who looked overjoyed as he celebrated with his team-mates, while Machida appeared a dejected figure as he regained his senses to discover he was no longer the undefeated champion.

After a poor start to his UFC career Shogun’s convincing victory tonight confirms that he is now back to the form that made him a star in PRIDE. Next up is likely to be a fight against the winner of Rampage Vs Rashad which takes place at UFC 114 later this month.


  1. let’s see Shogun take on Anderson Silva at 205, maybe the spider will actually have to fight for once.. looking forward to Kos vs. GSP, glad he’s finally getting his shot at the title.

  2. Shogun is a class act he stopped punching Machida befor the ref even pulled him off. Other fighters would have keep on going till the ref intervened. Great show of sportsmanship, Way to go Shogun, your a example for all fighters.

  3. Agreed Niq, Shogun handled himself very well before, during and after the fight with Machida. A class act and a worthy champion.

  4. He always has been that way, back in PRIDE when he lost to Coleman, he didn’t start talking bad about the Hammer, even after the aftermath.

    He has bided his time, had to listen to all the talk from internet fans and others who have said he is done, his career over because of his set backs, and now this is his reward. Hard work pays off, and we have a worthy and respectful champion.


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