Max Holloway TKO’s Akira Corassani At UFC Fight Night 53

Max Holloway was caught with some early shots by Akira Corassani tonight at UFC Fight Night 53, but then began to return fire with authority, dropping his opponent twice in the first round before finishing with heavy ground and pound strikes.

Round One:

The two circle each other waiting to pounce. Holloway with a kick. Corassani lands a solid punch as they step into engage and Holloway certainly felt that.

Another kick to the mid-section from Holloway. Corassani lands a very hard right hook. Corassani looks up for this and presses forward aggressively landing another right hook.

Corassani stepping forward with more shots – he’s doing well here as Holloway is not usually this hittable.

Holloway with a crisp one-two. Corassani misses with a hook and Holloway drops him momentarily with a picture perfect right hand. Corassani back up and eating big strikes, but he’s hanging in there.

He’s still hurt though and as they clinch agains the cage Holloway lands a knee to the head then steps back. Corassani catches him with a hook, but Holloway barely notices as he unleashes another precision strike of his own that sends Corassani back to the canvas in a heap.

He’s slumped awkwardly against the cage and Holloway begins teeing off on him. He’s making no effort to defend himself and looks out, but the referee is late in stepping in to stop it sp he takes a few unneccessary shots.

The official ruling is that it’s a TKO, coming at 3.11mins of the first round, so after a sluggish preliminary card the main card has been all fireworks, though it’s not the results the Swedish fans were looking for with three of their heroes losing in a row.


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