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Mayhem Miller Shoves Nick Diaz Homie On Camera, Could Face Charges

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller found himself in a spot of bother this past weekend after becoming involved in a physical confrontation with an associate of his Strikeforce rival Nick Diaz.

Miller was attending the opening of Rafael Cordeiro’s new gym on Saturday when he spotted Michael ‘Layzie The Savage’ Mardones, a friend of Nick Diaz who is responsible for a number of videos featuring the Diaz Brothers, and had recently been trash-talking back and forth with ‘Mayhem’ on twitter.

The host of MTV’s ‘Bully Beatdown’ was less than pleased to see him and immediately confronted Mardones, knocking off his hat and pushing him towards the exit while telling him to leave.

Miller was being filmed for a video blog at the time and the incident was caught on video (which can be seen below). After the initial incident the two are them shown arguing about Mayhem’s insistence that Diaz is scared to fight him at middleweight.

Today on The UG forum Mardones gave his version of events, stating that, “I did NOT go to the gym that day to try and troll Mayhem,” and also expressing his surprise at the fighter’s reaction to him.

“I honestly was under the impression that it was all jokes and fun when it came to talking about Nick Diaz to Jason Miller, because I had done so on occasions before hand, on and off camera,” Mardones claimed.

It’s been rumored that Mardones plans to press charges against the Strikeforce fighter, and he does appear to hint at that in his message on the site.

“You f*cked up by putting your hands on me. I’m not your ex girlfriend, bro… and you’re not going to get away with that sh*t,” he warns.

Bad blood between Mayhem and Diaz has been brewing since they were involved in a post-fight brawl at Strikeforce: Nashville earlier in the year.

Months later at Strikeforce: Diaz Vs Noons 2, the two fighters were reported to have been involved in another encounter backstage in which Diaz threw a bottle of water which hit Mayhem in the face.

This latest incident looks set to escalate the feud further, but with the two unable to agree on a weight limit to fight it’s unlikely that they’ll have a chane to settle their differences in the cage any time soon.

Watch video of the incident below.

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