The UFC announced some time ago that they were preparing to make their future main events go five x five minute rounds regardless of whether they are title fights or not, and based on new information released today it appears that not only includes the major ‘numbered’ UFC events, but also the Fight Night and TUF Finale cards too.

It had already been announced that UFC 138’s main event between Chris Leben and Mark Munoz in early November would be the first to get the five round treatment, but now we also now that the TUF 14 finale headliner featuring Michael Bisping Vs Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller on December 3rd will also get the same treatment.

“Bisping and ‘Mayhem’ spent the last few months as TUF coaches and they really got on each other’s nerves,” Dana White stated on a press release today to officially announce the fight.

“On Dec. 3, the talking finally ends and these two will go at it inside the Octagon. There’s a lot at stake in this fight. Not only do they get to settle their feud, but they get to prove that they belong in the mix to fight Anderson Silva.”

Bisping should have no problems going the full five rounds if required given that he’s one of the middleweight division’s best conditioned athletes, while Miller has gone the full 25 minutes before in a Strikeforce title fight against Jake Shields in 2009. The fact that ‘Mayhem’ has only fought twice since then, both ending in the first round, and has spent the last year on the sidelines could be a cause for concern though.