Michael Bisping Post-Fight Reaction To Win Over ‘Mayhem’ Miller

After posting a dominant win over fellow TUF 14 coach Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller, UK fighter Michael Bisping told Ariel Helwani that he felt he had proved a point with his performance.

“He said a few things, he said he was here to prove that I was a manufactured fighter so to speak, and yeah, I feel vindicated.”

Reacting to Dana White’s statement post-fight that it had been one of the most one-sided fights in UFC history, Bisping said he’d need to watch it again but felt Mayhem had his moments in the opening round, but that he’d been dominant in the last two.

On reflection Bisping feels that he started slowly and said that it’s not the first time he’s had to get punched a few times or get into a bad position in order to get into the fight.

Once he started landing with his right hand though and got his timing he “knew it was one-way traffic from there.”

He also appeared to be unimpressed with Mayhem’s physical abilities.

“I was surprised. When we clinched and things like that, he felt like a little boy at times. I felt so much physically stronger than him so, you know, I was confident. Everytime we clinched I could just throw him off, so I was a little surprised at that. I expected him to be a little stronger. I suppose I’ve got all my coaches to thank for that.”

Bisping says he hopes his performance earns him some respect from the fans and says he tries his best to put on a fight and entertain, but he has his doubts as he was already hearing backstage that people were putting the victory down to Mayhem’s poor cardio rather than his own abilities.

As for his own cardio, he says, “my cardio was good, but due to the amount of shots I was throwing [in the third round] I was starting to get a little tired.”

He says he continued to push on through it though as he felt sure that the referee was about to stop the fight, and he was proven right.

Bisping stirred up a lot of controversy on Friday when he swore at the crowd and flipped them off at the weigh-ins which drew a torrent of boo’s, but last night there was some applause as he delivered a much more humble and thoughtful post-fight interview.

The outspoken fighter says he would like to be the “good guy”, but that it doesn’t always work out that way.

“I’m an emotional guy! I try to be a good guy, I want to be a good guy, you know, but I have these moments. I was annoyed at the weigh-in. 0.2 of a lb [overweight]. Pardon the expression, but my boxing coach said you could fart .2 out, so I was almost there, but it was unprofessional so more than anything I was annoyed at myself. And then the crowd were booing and Joe Rogan was saying ‘come on, give hime some love’, and I thought, ‘no, I’m not in the mood for that.'”

So what comes next for Bisping after this fight now that the UFC has announced that Chael Sonnen has been paired up with Mark Munoz?

Bisping admits he thought he would be the one to fight Munoz next, but instead he says Dana White spoke with him after the event about his next fight. He won’t be drawn on who it is yet, but says it’s not someone he’s fought before which would appear to rule out a rematch with Wanderlei Silva.

He needs to speak to his family and White again first, but he believes an announcement should be made soon. White had earlier hinted that Bisping could be on the ‘UFC On FOX 2’ event in late January.

Watch Bisping’s full interview below courtesy of MMAfighting.


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