Michael Bisping Says Yoshihiro Akiyama Fight Is His To Lose

This Saturday night Michael Bisping will take on Japanese star Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 120 in front of his home fans in the O2 Arena in London.

Despite losing his last fight Akiyama remains a challenging opponent, and Bisping is well aware of what he brings to the table.

“Akiyama is a fantastic fighter, very dangerous, got fantastic striking, got a great chin – he’s an exciting fighter,” Bisping says in his pre-fight interview for UFC.com. “His two fights in the UFC, one was ‘Fight Of The Year’ and one was ‘Fight Of The Night’. So, overall, a very good, solid fighter and I’m sure he’s going to be a tough test for me on the night.”

Despite that Bisping appears to be brimming with confidence and has an unshakable belief that he’ll come out on top in the main event on Saturday night.

“He’s going to come out there and look to knock me out. I’m not going to be bothered about what Akiyama can and can’t do what he’s doing, I’m focusing on what I do, and I’m going to let Akiyama worry about what I’m bringing to the table, and I’m bringing more to the table than Akiyama.

“I’m bigger, stronger, faster that Akiyama. I think in the stand up department I’m going to be far too technical, too fast, and I should be able to beat him up pretty comfortably on the feet. And on the ground I think I’m better than him. I think he’s a tough opponent and he’s definitely top 10 and a world class opponent, but I just think the way my training is going right now, how confident I’m feeling – it’s my fight to lose.”

Watch the video for yourselves below.


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