Michael Bisping Shuts Down Luke Rockhold’s Fight Challenge

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold’s UFC career didn’t get off to the start he’d hoped for after being KO’d by Vitor Belfort, but it appears he’s still interested in fighting top contenders in the division.

“U dont have opponent, I dont have opponent, u talk sh*t about “practice” i say we set the record straight once & for all,” Rockhold wrote to Michael Bisping yesterday.

Unfortunately for him he got a typically abrupt and unfavorable response from the British fighter.

“I say you go and win a fight in the UFC then we can talk,” Bisping replied.

I must admit I think this would be a good fight, but Bisping has a point. He’s coming off a win over Alan Belcher last month and so he’ll be looking to challenge someone next who can move him back towards title contention again.

Perhaps Rockhold would be better off calling out someone like Rich Franklin who’s also coming off a loss, but still has the kind of star power that would make it a significant fight for him.



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