In the big grudge match of UFC 127, Michael Bisping got his revenge for Jorge Rivera’s pre-fight taunts, with a TKO victory.

In the early stages of the first round it became clear that Bisping was looking to mix up his offense, and took Rivera down with relative ease, though Rivera in turn quickly got back to his feet.

The stand-up action was relatively even at this stage, with both men looking a little hesitant to really let fly, and before long Bisping racked up another solid takedown.

There was then drama as Rivera attempted to get back to his feet only to be caught with an illegal knee to the head by Bisping.

The fight was stopped as Rivera attempted to regain his wits, and after a worrying minute or two he said he was fit to continue, though he was clearly still a little dazed.

Bisping was deducted a point and shortly afterwards Rivera managed to stuff another takedown attempt and made it to the end of the round.

In the second it looked as if he may be set to mount a comeback as he sent Bisping reeling with a right hand.

Bisping recovered quickly though despite immediate swelling above his eye, and started to go on the offense himself, hurting Rivera with a right close to the cage and then starting to dig in with a flurry of punches as his opponent switched into defensive mode.

Showing good cardio Bisping continued to land punches and eventually after a series of right hooks Rivera crumpled to the mat and the referee stepped in to end the onslaught.

For Bisping it will have been satisfying to get the stoppage victory and get the better of his rival, though the illegal knee takes a little of the shine of his performance.