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Miesha Tate has been hailed a hero after she helped to carry a girl who had broken her arm down a mountain this past weekend.

The little girl, Kai, suffered a broken arm at Mary Jane Falls on Mt Charlestone while on a family day out with her mom and dad, and as they struggled to take her back down the two mile descent, they came across the former UFC champion, who immediately offered her assistance.

The girl’s father later took to Instagram to praise Tate for helping bring the injured girl to safety.

Tate also took to Facebook to give her side of the story.

“Today a little girl broke her arm up at the top of Mary Jane falls (Mt Charleston) and I saw her meekly built mother struggling to carry her daughter down the mountain so I offered to carry the little girl to the bottom. The mother asked her 6 year old daughter “would you rather have me or her carry you down” without hesitation (to my surprise) she quickly replied “I want HER to carry me” we had to laugh. I preceded to carry the sweet little thing all the way to the bottom. Kai and I learned a lot about each other on the roughly 2 mile descent and It’s fair to say she inspired me. We made it all the way down without slipping or falling! We agreed we would both be strong for each other! Team work at it’s best!”

This is not the first time the former UFC woman’s bantamweight champion has been responsible for a heroid deed, as a few years ago she also saved her partner, Bryan Caraway’s mother during a snorkeling trip in Cancun.

Caraway’s mom suddenly fell ill during the trip, with her family members and others onlookers becoming panicked and were left unsure what to do as she became non-responsive and her face turned blue and then purple.

Due to the fact that his mom had asthma they tried to use her inhaler, but due to her stricken state it wasn’t working.

It was at that stage that the quick thinking Tate intervened, inhaling multiple puffs of the inhaler medicine herself and then performing mouth-to-mouth to force it into her lungs.

It was a last-ditch effort to save her life, and it worked, with Caraway’s mom going on to make a full recovery.

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