Miguel Torres And Brian Bowles Show Off Their War Wounds

Former Bantamweight champions Miguel Torres and Brian Bowles both came away from WEC 47 with something more than just a loss on their records.

In Miguel Torres case it was one of the most horrifying cuts we’ve seen in the cage. It looked bad at the time with blood streaming down his face, but in actual fact the gash was worse than we had first thought.

How do we know? Because Torres posted a picture of the wound on his twitter account with the description, “So I’ll never be a model.”

So I'll never be a model. on Twitpic

Torres also gave further information on the injury, and how he came to be caught in the guillotine choke that ended the fight.

“20 stitches in my forehead. Couldn’t see and was breathing in blood, shit happens. I will be back.”

Later he followed on by adding a statement which suggests that he is coping with having lost his second fight in a row in the WEC.

“I will come out with my hand raised or I will go out on my shield. In victory or defeat my head will always be up.”

Meanwhile Brian Bowles has also been keen to show of the injury that caused him to fail to meet the bell for the third round of his first title defense against Dominick Cruz.

“Broke hand again sorry to my fans and sponsors but I’ll b back the sign of a true champ is the come back.”

Broke hand again sorry to my fans and sponsors but I'll b bac... on Twitpic


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