Miguel Torres Doesn’t Want To Fight Urijah Faber…Yet

It’s been a tough year for former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Angel Torres. After going over nine years in the sport with just one loss on his record he now finds himself in the unusual position of having to bounce back from two defeats in a row.

Meanwhile another star of the promotion Urijah Faber also has hit upon hard times. Once the ruler of the featherweight division, he’s now been edged out and has failed in two attempts to get back to the summit, and has admitted he may now move down to bantamweight to get his career back on track.

Naturally that then brings up the prospect of a marquee fight between the two former champions, but according to Torres now is not the right time for such a bout.

“The fight should’ve happened a year ago or two years ago, right now it doesn’t make sense for either of us to fight,” he tells ChicagosMMA.com. “I think we both need to get on track and then make it a big fight where both of us can make money.”

The fact that he mentions money would seem to imply that Torres would be looking to do a fight with Faber on pay-per-view, and considering the relative success of the WEC’s first PPV event last month that certainly seems like a viable option if they can both get some wins on the board beforehand.

Torres then goes on to give his assessment of Faber’s rumored move to the decision he calls home.

“You know Urijah coming to ’35, I don’t think that’s the WEC telling him to do that, I think that’s his own career decision, you know?  I think ’45’s got pretty stacked and the guys in there, it’s not that their bigger, they just, the skill level is a little bit higher.  He’s trying to come to ’35, there’s a lot of tough guys at ’35 too, he’s going to have a big surprise there.”

I’m not convinced that it’s Faber’s decision to move down as he implied in a recent interview that it was the WEC who had suggested that he do so.  Regardless, I do think it’s a move that would suit Faber as he’s fairly small for the featherweight division.

Torres is right though – and he is of course speaking from personal experience – that it won’t be a cakewalk for ‘The California Kid’ at 135lbs either.

Check out Torres full interview below which was held at a special ceremony in his hometown of East Chicago yesterday honoring the fighter by declaring June 4th as ‘Miguel Torres Day’.

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