The recently retired Frank Shamrock has barely launched his high-profile anti-bullying campaign and yet he’s already been accused of bullying himself by another MMA star, Mike Swick who used to train under the legendary fighter.

The normally mild-mannered Swick took offense yesterday after learning about Shamrock’s latest project, and posted a rant on Facebook accusing the former UFC and Strikeforce champion of the very thing he is supposed to be fighting against.

“ARE YOU KIDDING FRANK SHAMROCK!?!? I have seen it all now! I usually keep my mouth shut and stay far away from any controversy or disputes with other fighters but this is too much! Frank Shamrock started a foundation to fight bullies because he was cyber-bullied? and made this video??

OMG thats ironic considering he was the biggest bully at our gym until we had to split him from our team. I cant even list the fighters on the team that were injured and hurt by him and that he passed out in chokes even after they tapped. This is like making the drug dealer a cop so he can help them get more drug dealers. This is like dropping salt into an open flesh wound right before spilling alcohol into it too.”

It wasn’t long before word of Swick’s comments reached Shamrock and the two began bickering back and forth.

Swick: Come on Shamrock, if ur gonna be an advocate, be a man & admit u were a bully & apologize. Bet that video never surfaces! Don’t be fake!

Swick: I cant even list the fighters Franks injured & passed out after they tapped & now he’s an antibully advocate because he was cyberbullied?!

Shamrock: lame. Good luck w all that loserness

Shamrock: Mik swick callying me a bully is lame. I used to whoop his butt for sure cuzz he wanted to be a champ. Always respect and love 4 him.

Swick: Haha yea a little. I had a pretty serious issue with him back in the day where he was playing the role of ego bully. @freebitchbb u mad?

Shamrock: Guess swick forgot how I used to write his fan mail bak when he in the military. Or how I bled for him and trained him personally.

Swick: You define Bully. Hurting smaller teammates on purpose. Choking teammates unconscious that tap. Those Youtube Vids… @frankshamrock

Swick: You made this video: Then after getting cyber bullied started a campaign against bullies? @frankshamrock #Irony

Shamrock: @officialswick sorry Mike if i hurt your feelings. i was making you a man and a champion, as you requested. Plez @standuptogether

Shamrock: @officialswick yeah talk to your management bro. don’t air garbage. If you want to talk like a man i am around SJ today. later

Swick: I’ll delete the last one but its true. No need to say anything else. U know how I feel. U had 7yrs to talk to me. @FrankShamrock

Shamrock: honor, respect and discipline = MMA, all the rest – good luck with all that. I am going to lunch with mrs. S.