Mike Swick Not Impressed By Dan Hardy’s Pre-Fight Antics

As we reported yesterday, Dan Hardy played a prank on Mike Swick at the pre-fight press conference by awarding him a runner-up trophy so that he “didn’t go home empty handed” after their fight on Saturday night.

At the time Swick laughed off the incident, but later he admitted to MMAWeekly that he was not impressed with Hardy’s antics.

“When guys play these kind of games, it’s either because they’re insecure and they’re trying to sell themselves, or they are that confident. I don’t know where he stands.”

He also warned the Brit that any mind-games he might be trying to play are not going to phase him.

“He’s not going to psyche me out, and it would be a good time to start focusing what he’s getting himself into. It could be bad.”

So what is Dan Hardy trying to achieve with his latest antics?

I don’t believe he is looking to get into Swick’s head, rather he is doing what he needs to do to keep himself in the spotlight.

What Hardy has proven so far is that he is an expert self-promoter.  His back and forth exchanges with Marcus Davis in his last fight have catapulted him from being just another up and coming fighter from the UK, to a co-main event star on the verge of a title shot against welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre in the space of just a year.

He will have to do more than just talk if he is to earn that shot however as Mike Swick is in determined mood and is likely to be his toughest test of his UFC career to date.


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